What is Prelude? - Prelude: Online

What is Prelude?

What is Prelude: Online?

Prelude: Online is a new server for Garry’s Mod, featuring a persistent world across several servers and a from-scratch private gamemode that’s essentially a full-fledged game, built entirely inside Garry’s Mod.

Who is Alien Cow?

Alien Cow is made up of a bunch of games industry veterans.
A full credits list of contributors/voice actors will be in-game on launch.

So, is this like DarkRP?

Not really. Prelude features a living, breathing world with a story, NPC vendors, and dynamic and responsive RPG-style system running it all, but we also have some traditional “RP” elements that GMod players are used to.
Player choice is paramount, so we don’t limit players or hold players back like a traditional RP server would. NLR, RDM, and other nebulous rules don’t exist, and we’ve designed the game to curb abuse through design, not by admins looking over your shoulder.

What can I do in Prelude?

Players can follow the main storyline by doing story missions, or they can do side and daily missions to build their resources. Players are also presented with random loot and capture events, and are encouraged to engage with the world and other players.
There’s plenty to do if you’re interested in combatting other players, but if you want to play passively, we have traditional RP elements to suit your needs. Start a gang, buy a property and build a store, steal cars, run drugs and weapons, and more. However, our RP elements are system driven. We don’t have a list of jobs for you to choose with a passive salary and limits on what you can do, we instead invite you to make your own career. Chart your own course.

Story? How the hell do you have a story in a GMod Gamemode??

We crafted a narrative that matches the gameplay of Prelude, so players feel like they’re a part of an ever-evolving narrative. Prelude features fully-animated cutscenes, major and minor characters with voices, vendors that respond to player actions, and more.
Our story takes place in an alt-history late 90s New York City, which we call Union City. The player is new to the city, dropped in the middle of a turf war between the crime families of the city and a private military conglomerate.

Is Prelude coming to S&box?

No. Our game was built on and designed to fit snugly into how Garry’s Mod works. We couldn’t port it to S&box even if we wanted to.

Where is the server hosted?

Our main server is hosted in Eastern Canada. We plan to have servers in the EU post-alpha, and resources will be persistent with those servers when they eventually go live.

Can I buy Boosts? Cash? Loot-boxes? VIP Perks? Admin????

No. We believe that when you pay for rank or status, everyone loses. To that end, our game is 100% free, and always will be. We are exploring the possibility of donations, but they will never provide any benefit to the player outside of aesthetic purposes.

When does the alpha go live?

When it's ready.™ Prelude is a game with a bit of a fluid development cycle, so it's hard to pin-point the specific time when it'll be out.

I wanna help! How can I get involved?

Currently, we’re all set on developers, but we’re always looking for voice actors willing to pad our world with unique and interesting characters. If you’re interested, let us know via Twitter.